Friday, July 16, 2010

Still Point Art Gallery

Seven of my paintings are currently featured as part of
Still Point Art Gallery's
latest online exhibit titled
American Portraits: Diversitiy in Our Land.
"This exhibition celebrates diversity in America through the genre of portraiture. Artists were encouraged to think about diversity in America in its broadest sense. The result is what you see...portraits of elderly men and women, children at play, people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, people with different lifestyles, different pastimes, different issues, different blessings. It's like a walk up Fifth Avenue, Chicago Avenue, Hollywood Boulevard, or Bourbon Street. Lots of two are alike."

This exhibition will remain a featured exhibition through
August 10, 2010
and will remain online until August 10, 2011.  
Six of my paintings are featured on page 5 with a seventh on page 8.
To view the exhibit click here

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